Box art for Robin Hound
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Look, it‘s the famous Robin Hound! He will help us outwit the mean Count of Merciless Greed who reigns over the forest, stealing the gold of the inhabitants. Only audacious and clever heroes like Robin Hound and his robber friends will be able to catch the gold treasure and give it back to the poor inhabitants of the forest. Will you be able to help them?
There are two ways to retrieve the treasure chest being hoarded by the count. You can either sneak through the forest up to his castle or form a robber gang of five different robbers. To do so you have to consider carefully whether you want to keep robber cards or give them away. So try to remember who has collected which cards, as any card you give away only enables you to make your way towards the castle if the player in question does not have this robber card. The aim of the game is to be able to count ten gold bags on the treasure cards you have collected or to collect five treasure cards.