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This game is based on the history of Nicaraguan Sign Language. Nicaragua in the 1970s had no official form of sign language. In 1977, something happened. Fifty deaf children from across the country were brought together to a school in Managua. Without a shared language to express themselves, the children did something remarkable—they created one. In Sign, we follow a story inspired by that journey.

All proceeds from the physical version go to support sign language education in Nicaragua, currently The Nicaraguan Sign Language Projects (NSLP). This has raised more than $15,000 in donation to date. We also thank the NSLP for their guidance and input on game design.

You can download the free digital edition here (booklet and cards). Sign is also available digitally in Dutch (booklet, cards - courtesy of Willeke Kort), and Norwegian (booklet, cards - courtesy of Aleksander Husøy).

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