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There’s an epic quest for all great explorers! It’s a race to find amazing ancient artifacts. You have to travel across the world collecting priceless ancient currency - the TOLAR. Beware of your opponents, they’re looking to steal all your wealth! This is a treasure hunt of the greatest scale!

In Terra Loop, you take part in a special race to collect a priceless ancient currency - the Tolar. All Tolar is in denomination of 50,100,200 and 500. Each player begins with one Robot Peg and a console mat, with two sections - Unsaved Tolar and Saved Tolar. The game board is placed in the middle. you start at home and on your turn move around by rolling the dice. The goal of the game is to collect and save maximum Tolar. Whenever you land back at home, all your Tolar in the unsaved section moves to the saved section. There are three main places on the board where you collect Tolar. These are called the checkpoints. All checkpoints are hard stops, which means you have to stop here and cannot skip it. When you reach a checkpoint, roll the dice and multiply by 100. collect that amount of Tolar and place it in your unsaved Tolar section. There are other various parts on the board, where you can either lose or gain tolar, or even an extra dice to roll. When another player lands on the same place as you, they cut you, and get all your unsaved Tolar and you go to a pre-mentioned spot on the board. Remember, you never lose your saved Tolar. ever. so, when someone cuts you only give them your unsaved Tolar. if you have saved all your Tolar, you give up nothing! When you have collected an extra dice, you reach the next checkpoint, roll both dice and multiply by 100. Collect this much Tolar and then place the dice back on the board.
The game ends, when all the Tolar has been collected. each player gets all of their saved Tolar but only half of their unsaved Tolar. The player with the most Tolar wins.