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Sister Wendy's American Collection
WGBH Educational Foundation
Program 1: Art Institute of Chicago (60 min.): Sister Wendy Beckett looks at American Gothic by Grant Wood, Chimu (pre-Incan) art from Peru, Joan Mitchell, Edward Hopper, Picasso, 18th century ceramic art, a West-African drum, Manfredi, pre-Columbian art from Central America, Manet, Marc Chagall, Renoir, Chinese sculpture, 12th century Korean pottery, George Innes, Puryear, Georges Seurat.

Program 2: Cleveland Museum of Art (60 min.) Features Rodin, Thomas Eakins, Susan Rothenberg, Pieter Claesz, Zhu Bishan, Henri Rousseau, Egyptian panels, George Bellows, Etruscan sculpture, Medieval armor, illuminated manuscripts, Frederic Church, Albert Bierstadt, Chinese landscape scroll, John Rogers Cox, and Nicolas Poussin.