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Pack your bags, get ready… we’re going on an adventure! We’ll travel through the dense jungle of Amazonia, the scorching desert of Tenere, the icy mountains of Makalu and the fiery skies of Shangri La to collect mystical treasures. But beware, perils lie everywhere. Anyone can enter but only a few can escape…

Trailblazers is an exciting memory drawing game that your family will not get enough of. The goal is simple: see a map, spot the treasures and obstacles, remember them and then draw your own way out of it using memory and some basic rules. Then, spin away and maximise your points! Sounds simple but is a laughing riot when opponents take a wrong turn.
Enjoy as your kids use principles of geometry, memory and strategy to draw their way through various adventure worlds. See them master basic concepts of lines and angles, decision making and motor skills right before your eyes!