Box art for Trinkets (Krims-krams)
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Pre-K Math 2 - Shapes
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What a mess! Squirrel Sammy Walnut likes to collect trinkets, and they are piled up all over the place in his home. The bicycle helment is in the refrigerator and the toothbrush underneath the sofa. It's time to clean up! But what will fit in which box? Only the one who helps Sammy to tidy up and find the corresponding boxes for the colors things will receive the valuable nut coins!

In Trinkets, the players help Sammy to tidy up his trinkets. All the various things are different sizes, however, and each will fit only in one specific box. Sammy has to go from box to box to see what might fit and then place the corresponding piece. To get that nut coin as a reward, the item must fit perfectly. The first player to collect five nut coins wins!