Code Monkey Island

Box art for Code Monkey Island
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Computer Science
Code Monkey Island is a family-friendly board game that introduces kids ages 8 and up to programming concepts used by real programmers. Code Monkey Island is a board game designed for families. It takes about a minute to learn the rules and 45 minutes to play, and exposes kids to fundamental programming concepts like control structures, data structures, Boolean logic and operators, and assignment and mathematical operations.

Step 1: Each player chooses their favorite tribe of monkeys, and sets them down in the corresponding Start Circle.
Step 2: Everyone is dealt 3 Rule cards.
Step 3: On their turn, a player draws 1 Rule card, and plays another card from their hand to move their monkeys forward.
Step 4: The first player to get all 3 of their monkeys around the island and into the banana grove wins!