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Physics Demonstrations
Physics Curriculum & Instruction
Demonstrations include: 1: Mechanical Resonance - Forced Vibrations with Single Coupled Oscillators; 2: Velocity, Wavelength, and Frequency Reflected Waves - Transverse Waves on a Coil Spring; 3: Change in Medium /Interference - Transverse Waves on a Coil Spring; 4: Transverse Standing Waves - Vibrational Modes on a String; 5: Longitudinal Waves - Propagation/Interference of Longitudinal Waves; 6: Longitudinal Standing Waves - Stroboscopic Analysis of Standing Wave Behavior; 7: Waves in Two-Dimensions - Reflection and Refraction of Waves in a Ripple Tank; 8: Waves in Two-Dimensions - Interference and Diffraction of Waves in a Ripple Tank. Most demonstrations between 4-6 minutes in length.