Box art for Sherlock Kids
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Time and time again precious paintings keep disappearing in the art museum. And each time a mysterious envelope with a picture riddle is left behind. Fortunately the Sherlock Kids are there to put a stop to the bold thief's game. Only those endowed with bright brains, good observation and memory skills are admitted as members of the Sherlock Kids club and can join in the chase for the thief. By setting cunning questions and getting the right answers from the other players the thief of the paintings will soon be tracked down! Players take turns submitting riddles. To submit a riddle, randomly take one of the colourful drawings and let everybody take a good look at it. Then cover the picture and ask a question to which the answer is a colour. The other players then mark their answer on a rotating disk and simultaneously reveal their answers. On a correct answer, you may move your pawn one step in the direction of the thief. The riddle submitter scores a point if at least one player gives the correct answer and at least one player gives a wrong answer. The game ends after a set number of rounds or when a player reaches ("catches") the thief.